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Jonny Moseley’s Wildest Dreams: FOIL! (with Rob Machado & Kai Lenny)

Jonny Moseley’s Wildest Dreams: FOIL! (with Rob Machado & Kai Lenny)

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Watch as Jonny and surfing legend Rob Machado try an insane new kind of surfing, called “foilboarding,” off the coast of San Diego. “It’s like flying an underwater airplane,” says their coach, renowned big wave surfer and foilboarding pioneer, Kai Lenny. Will Kai be able to get Jonny and Rob up on this crazy contraption long enough to catch some waves? Or will the boys go home blanked? 

If foilboarding is a bit too advanced for you, keep in mind that there are plenty of epic surf spots throughout San Diego County. Oceanside Pier is a classic, and so is Swami’s, the Encinitas beach named for the Self-Realization Fellowship that sits high on a bluff overlooking this break. Or check out Windandsea, Bird Rock, or La Jolla Shores, where you can take lessons with the talented crew at Surf Diva.

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