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Hicksville Trailer Palace

Hang with artists at this goofy communal-style site in Joshua Tree

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This wacky collection of third wheels and other campers is a visual hoot, with tricked-out trailers to fit every personality. Consider Western-themed “The Pioneer,” a log cabin trailer with cowboy-print curtains, or hot-pink “The Fifi,” designed by the owners of a New Orleans wig store. The compound’s newest addition, a circus-style wagon named “The Pee-Wee,” served as a prop in the 1988 film Big Top Pee-wee. (It was the home on wheels of Pee-wee’s love interest.)

More a fun-loving commune than a rural retreat, this place attracts an artsy meet-and-mingle crowd. You and your trailer neighbors might gather on the fake-grass lawn to enjoy a few cold ones or roast s’mores at the fire pit. Hicksville is all about sharing, from the communal bathhouse to the solar-heated saltwater swimming pool (open March to November) to the rooftop hot tub. Solitude seekers, you might want to aim elsewhere for your desert digs.  

If you’re into games, Hicksville might be your idea of heaven on earth. There’s mini golf, archery, ping-pong, a dartboard, horseshoes, and a no-coins-required jukebox. Dogs are welcome too; they’ll have fun paddling in their own special pool at Fort Dog.

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